11 June 2013

One month to go!

In exactly one month's time we'll be touching down in Dar es Salaam and travelling on to Morogoro!  We have about a week there before we travel to Kenya for ABO - Africa Based Orientation.  ABO is held at Scott Christian University at Machakos, about an hour's drive from Nairobi.  The purpose of ABO is to learn about the culture of the people we'll be working amongst and it will also be an opportunity to meet other new mission workers with AIM.  After that we go into intensive language learning - yikes!

Here's our timetable for the next few months.

23rd June                 Commissioning service at Corsham Baptist Church
10th July                   Depart Heathrow for Dar es Salaam!
16th July-6th Aug      ABO starts
9th-15th Aug             LAMP course (Language Acquisition Made Practical) in Nairobi
16th Aug                   Travel back to Tanzania
24th Aug-30th Nov    Intensive Swahili language study in Iringa, Tanzania
1st-5th Dec               AIM Eastern Region conference at Kijabe, Kenya

We would be grateful for your prayers over the next month as we finalise our preparations.  One major cause for praise is that we have very quickly found a tenant for our house.  Over the last few weeks we've been de-cluttering and gradually packing things up to go into storage (Steve's dad's garage!).  Pray that we can get everything done and also find the time for good goodbyes with family and friends.